Safety pins for CO2 Valves

CO2 Cylinder Valves

In many locations we have detected the misunderstanding on the usage or not of safety pins on CO2 Systems Cylinders Valves.

As per FSS Code Chapter 9. “2.1.1 Any required fixed fire detection and fire alarm system with manually operated call points shall be capable of immediate operation at all times”

There are two types of valves for automatic release CO2 Cylinders:

Type A Valves: For type A cylinder valve, the safety pin acts as a safety device during transportation, installation and testing phases. The pin must be removed to commission the system otherwise the CO2 system is inoperable.


Type B Valves: For type B cylinder valve, the safety pin is necessary to prevent the unintended discharge of CO2 due to vibration and the pin is required to remain in place until discharge of the CO2. Where the CO2 is discharged remotely from a fire station, the CO2 can be discharged without removal of the safety pin.

Type Bdds

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