ROV on Aquaculture Industry

Since 1961 the Fish consumption has increased, twice as high as the population, according to http://www.fao.org/.


The statistics show that aquaculture has its highest peak about 2016 with 171 million tonnes production, so, fish farming has become one of the major contributors to the world food providers, here a few benefits of aquaculture:

  • Increased production of food for human consumption.
  • Substitution of import by local production.
  • High-efficiency protein production.
  • Creation of employment, especially in rural areas.
  • Environmental Friendly.

As the fish demands increase, the need for efficient managing technics is getting higher. Robotics and remotely operated vehicles are playing a great role in this industry, here below some of the benefits using ROVs on aquaculture:

Species Monitoring:

Delta ROV allows fish farming operators to monitor conditions, growth, behavior, and health of the fish stock, with gripper and manipulators ROV can recover dead fishes, samples, etc.

Gear monitoring:

In order to monitor (Nets, Filters, buoys, anchors) and comply with regulatory requirements and monitoring harmful species (sharks, sealions) out of the farm, Delta ROV is ready to operate 24/7 on the fish farms.

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With the usage of ROVs, operators can develop methods for increasing efficiency and safety on Aquaculture industry.

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