BWTS Retrofit 3D Scanned in 8 Hours

As all members of the Maritime Family are always looking ways to minimize downtime, standby and maximize waiting time, we in have implemented 2 Scanners in our BWTS 3D Scanning retrofit teams. With two scanners and with careful coordination’s we can achieve 40% time reduction in 3D scanning retrofit projects for vessels.

See below few scenarios where we have taste the benefits and time savings:
-Scanning two separate ballast tanks in parallel
-Scanning Pump room and Engine room in simultaneously
-Scanning Main Deck and Engine room in parallel

We have completed many projects with record times between 8 to 10 hours scanning time, while the vessel is at Port or awaiting at anchorage.

 Here our formula:
2 Scanners X 4 Engineers = 8 Hours Ship scanned 

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