Why boats Sea Trials?

Having a boat Sea trial for the first time should be an essential part of the process to buy a Boat and is the most practical test you can perform on your new boat. Buying a boat is very emotional and when the human act on emotions can forget the things that really matter.

When testing a new boat, always try:

  1. Create a real-life atmosphere on the boat, as close as possible to a typical day.
  2. Ensure to set targets for performance (RPM, speed, trim, roll, etc.)
  3. Play the different roles on board (driver, passenger, helper). Get the feeling!!!
  4. Try to replicate the future use (Sports, fishing, cursing, etc.)
  5. Bring the boat to max speed (30 Knots if possible), perform a hard turn, and test conditions in rough waters.
  6. At calm waters, center the wheel and note how well the boat keeps its straight line.
  7. Heading into and away from the sun, compare glare and reflections.

A test ride is not just a pleasure cruise, it is your best chance to see how the vessel responds, accommodates passengers, and fit to your needs as a potential owner.

Spend the time wisely and get the feeling as if you own the boat already.

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