Virtual Reality on Marine Business

Virtual Reality is a technology that is ready to be implemented in our daily lives. This Article concentrate on the use of VR in the maritime industry.

During the past few years’ VR has become more and more used in the construction and real estate industry and has a lot of potentials to become a great tool for Marine and Vessel surveying and management.

In 24 Marine we have few years implementing virtual reality as part of the survey package standards for Vessels, boats, Industrial, and cargo surveys.

During all this time we have received many comments and feedback from our customers and affiliates, which we are summarizing in this article.

Benefits of Virtual Reality for Maritime Industry:

  • Immersive visual experiences help streamline expectations for project delivery and clarity of the spaces inspected.
  • Potential boats buyers can get valuable insights into the various spaces, layouts, compartments, and equipment.
  • Vessels regulators (flag states, port controls, class societies, insurance companies, etc.) can have a truly clear view of spaces around the vessel, critical areas.
  • Incident investigations can benefit from VR to document in detail the area conditions and possible to identify causes and contributing factors.
  • Another great benefit of the VR model is to vessel and installation managers also can include metadata that contains the names and equipment details as well as operations and maintenance documentation. See an example here

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