Thermo Inspection with Drones

Thermo cameras allow us to see infrared and thermal energy that is always around us.

Visible Light It is like the tip of the Iceberg, with our eye we just see around 2.5% of the available out there.

Blackbody 2000k 1

We don’t perceive infrared (thermal energy) as they are no visible for our eye, as the spectrum  that we eye can detect is very limited.

Infrared has about 30% of the available light spectrum, see image below:

ARSENAL Spektrs 1

In simple words, the main differences between visible Light and Thermo Energy:

  • Our eye can see what is reflected from the surface.
  • Thermo energy capture emissivity and reflections.
  • Our eye can see through a glass.
  • Thermo energy cannot pass through glass.

It is very important to understand that Thermo Images are just for Surfaces, It doesn’t penetrate the objects neither bodies.

Every surface has different emissivity, depending on their surfaces.

Emissivity Pans

Shiny surcafes has high reflectivity and low emissivity

Dark (opaque) surfaces has low reflectivity by high Emissivity

In the picture below can be noticed that emissivity is affected by surface colors.

Emissivity Thermal Header
Inspecting Solar Panels With Thermal Imaging Vaaka Front

In the Solar Panel generations business, Thermo inspection has a great role.

The more energy the panel absorb, the more efficient it is.

According to statistical analysis from various thermo experts, performing regular Thermo inspections can help to reduce energy loss by 15%, due to Broken cells, dust, and dirt.

As a bonus, we have included the emissivity tables we use for our inspections:

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