Marine Surveyor (Tips to select them)

Marine surveyors are experts who evaluate and assess the condition of ships,
boats, and other maritime vessels. Their function is critical in guaranteeing vessel
safety and seaworthiness, and they are expected to maintain high ethical standards
in their work.

Below 6 important notes when selecting a marine surveyor to represent your interest:

  1. Marine surveyors must have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to carry out their jobs efficiently. They should also be conscious of their own limitations and seek advice or support when needed.
  2. Marine surveyors must maintain integrity and honesty in all of their dealings. They must not make false or misleading claims or engage in any action that jeopardizes their integrity.
  3. Marine surveyors have to keep a professional posture at all times. They should dress appropriately and speak effectively with clients, colleagues, and other survey participants.
  4. They should not be influenced by external considerations such as the vessel’s owner or operator, charterer, or any other entity with an interest in the vessel. Their opinions and suggestions should be based purely on the facts of the case, and any conflicts of interest should be avoided.
  5. Marine surveyors should put safety first in their work. They must identify any safety risks and adopt suitable prevention/mitigation actions. They should also be familiar with pertinent safety legislation and guidelines.
  6. Marine surveyors must keep their clients’ information confidential and should not release any information without the client’s permission or unless required by law.

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