BR T200 Thruster with Cobalt Connectors (Male-Female)


Blue Robotics T200 Thruster with Cobalt Series 3-Pin connector installed.



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This T200 comes with a slightly shorter cable and a pre-installed cable penetrator and is a drop-in replacement for the thrusters on the BlueROV2. It’s also included in the BlueROV2 Spares Kit.

If you’re looking for the normal T200 Thruster, you can find it here. Also, remember that this thruster needs an electronics speed controller (ESC), like the Basic ESC, to operate.


We take the wildly popular Blue Robotics T200 thruster and put our 3-pin Cobalt Series connector on the end of the cable.  All you need to do is install a matching 3-pin Cobalt Series bulkhead connector on your ROV (the Cobalt bulkhead connector fits in the same 10-mm hole as Blue Robotics penetrators).  20-amp maximum continuous current.

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