Delta 8 T500 Thruster 300m Rated ROV System


4Kw ROV system C/W following features

ROV System:
– Fast Mob / Plug and play
– Thruster quick release mechanism for rapid servicing
– Easy to repair and operate
– Dimensions 800x800x440mm
– Weight 60Kg
– Depth Rating 300m
– 8 Thrusters Max thrust @24V FWD/REV 12Kg
– Thrusters and electronics can be isolated via relays
– 6 Degrees of freedom
– Can work in over 3 knots of current
– Buoyancy modules can be adjusted as per user requirements
– Additional payload capacity by adding another layer of buoyancy blocks
– Rapid adjustable ballast
– Electronics inside compensated oil filled base
– HV electronics in separate compartment
– 16 Ethernet ports GigE/100BaseT auto managed (9 spares)
– System fully outfitted with Underwater connectors
– Easy Skid interface


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Orange ROV bare ROV system c/w:
HDPE frame with stainless steel hardware
Machined buoyancy blocks c/w wingnuts
Aluminum electronics housing
HD camera c/w tilt
Depth sensor
Heading pitch and roll IMU
18-hole end plate c/w Cobalt stainless steel underwater connectors
Gig-E fiber system
8-Port Gig-E switch
Fiber underwater connector
One RS232 external channel

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